Timesaving Apps For Teachers

Timesaving Apps For Teachers


Technology is becoming a bigger part of our profession. Check out these apps and see how they can save you time and keep you organized this year.


Class Dojo


A poplar classroom management tool is “Class Dojo”.  It is a free app for teachers that projects a class list (with an avatar next to each name) and how many points the student has earned or lost due to behavior. The teacher projects the class profile anytime she wants to give or take away points for behavior. They can also access the class list on their mobile device allowing them to use it on field trips or at assemblies. Although many behavior programs provide instant feedback this format is visually engaging for students. Teachers save time because it automatically keeps track of student behavior and allows you to print or email reports to parents.


Remind 101


This free app allows you to send out a group text without revealing your phone number or anyone else’s in the group. Teachers have the convenience of sending a message from their own phone to parents or students while protecting their privacy.  Communications are one-way and are great for keeping parents informed of what is happening in class. In upper grades use it to send out reminders of upcoming tests and deadlines.



Another free app is, Pocket, to help you organize your web links, video and articles.  A major emphasis with Common Core is exposing your students to information on a topic from multiple sources of different formats to analyze and discuss.  Pocket will allow you to keep track of all of your material. You can also access it from any of your devices. It has won numerous awards including App Store’s Best of 2012 and Wired Magazine’s Best of 2012 Staff Pick.

Have fun trying out these apps and have a wonderful school year.

Special thank you to Stacy Begin for the lead on some of these great apps.

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