Balancing Family Life

Between homework, extra curricular activities, family responsibilities, chores and, oh yea, sleep, life can get pretty insane. Finding a balance to it all is the key to reducing stress for everyone in the family. Read on for suggestions on how to bring it all back into balance.

Have a routine for when you come home. Know when and where homework gets done. Limit how much time is spent playing video games or communicating on the computer or phone.


Get them to bed at a reasonable hour.


Often said but easily forgotten when days get busy and you are trying to get it all done.  Still, it needs to be a priority. The only exception would be to finish their homework. Extend bed time by one hour or get them up early to get their work done. This should only be if they really have not had enough time to get it done versus playing for too long.

Limit the number of extracurricular activities your child does.  Play on one sports team per term.  With practices, games, let alone driving time to get to everywhere, your child still needs time to get homework done and eat dinner at least once a week at the actual dinning room table.


Limit clubs or playing an instrument to no more than two (or one if playing a sport) per term.  For the same reasons mentioned above children need time to catch their breath. Piano lessons, student council, scouts, or the drama club all require time and energy outside of weekly meetings and, depending how involved your child is, can eat up have the slots on the calendar with events to attend.Yes being well rounded is important for getting into college but running in circles isn’t.

Limit both their own and the family’s social engagements during the school week. Schedule family events, sleepovers and the children going out on the weekend. Stress to everyone that during the school week getting their homework done and being well rested take priority.

Review the family calendar at least once a month.


Make sure there is enough unscheduled time. Having time to just hang out and relax is just as important as keeping busy with activities.

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