Creative Cubbies–Improving the Look of Old Furniture

My new furniture arrangement has the backside of my cubbies exposed–random writing and all. It is also situated to be the first thing people see when they walk in the room.  Something had to be done.

bookcase back 2

Luckily it was just a smidge smaller than 3’ by 3’.  These are perfect dimensions for using scrapbook paper. Scrapbook paper is 12” x 12” and comes in every color you can think of.

cubby supplies




Glue stick or photo adhesives

Colored butcher paper of your choosing

Clear contact paper

Scrapbook paper of your choosing

Embellishments (optional)

I played with and laid out my arrangement on a piece of similar colored butcher paper.   In the middle square I created a welcome sign. Once satisfied, I glued the paper in place. I decided to use the butcher paper as the three blank squares both for design and to save money.

cubby paper

Next, I laid the cubbies face down to make it easier to attach the poster. Then I put a small amount of tape on the back of the cubbies just to hold the poster in place.  I cut the edges so it would fit on the back without overhang. Then I covered it with contact paper.

cubby contact

It took three long pieces (not to mention the ones that kept sticking to themselves). Note: have plenty of extra contact paper. Better yet have someone help you apply it.

Once everything was covered it was put into place. What beautiful way to greet my students each day.

cubby finished


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