Sweet Holiday Ideas–Already??

Christmas ribbon in Costco!


Right next to the Halloween costumes and pre-lit trees.


Why are we bombarded by the holidays so early every year?  The day after Halloween begins the holiday “sales” season. As much as this can make us crazy, you can use this to your advantage.

Do you need candy for graphing activities? To make thank you gifts for parents or gift bags for your students?


Stock up on discounted candy beginning November 1st. It’s usually at least half off and shopping this day allows you to buy the good stuff like chocolate. If you are really patient wait a full week when it is 75% off but you risk having limited selection.

A lot of stores also discount party favor sized items like plastic jeweled rings or tiny notebooks. My favorite find is tiny packages of play dough.  Pencils and erasers are always good choices. Just make sure you get ones that are generic in design, in other words no bats or pumpkins.


Another great use of all of this discounted candy is to do a service project making “candy rolls”. I learned this back in my Girl Scout days.  You stuff candy into empty toilet paper rolls, wrap them in tissue paper, and tie the ends with yarn.


A few days before Halloween send a note home asking parents to buy discounted Halloween candy and/or donate any candy their children don’t want.  Have your students collect empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls during the month of November.  You provide yarn and tissue paper. Have it cut and ready to go before you begin and have a ton of it.  It goes fast.

Pre-check ALL candy to make sure it is useable then spend an afternoon the first week in December having the students assemble them.


We have donated our “candy rolls” to our local Salvation Army for their Christmas baskets. Find a local charity in your area to donate to.


So as much as this pre-dawn announcement of the holiday season can make us roll our eyes, march ahead and stock up on heavily discounted items and use them for all your other holiday projects.