Digital Worksheets

This last month I talked about managing your papers.  Digital worksheets are a great way to limit the amount of paper you store in your room.  Fabulous resources are showing up all the time.  I shared some in December but here are some new ones to try. All of these are FREE. The best ones seem to be for math but the language arts selection is growing.


Dad’s Worksheets They are constantly expanding what math skills they cover. In addition, they provide multiple versions of each topic.

Math Worksheets Land This provides a lesson to teach the math standard as well as several worksheets to reinforce the concept.


Common Core Sheets   This is my newest favorite worksheet website.  All of the papers are sorted and labeled by standard and grade.  They also provide multiple versions for each skill.  Most of their worksheets cover math but they do have some Language Arts resources.


Math-Aids Most skills provide a worksheet generator to make customized assignments.  Some have premade papers to use.

TeAch-nology They provide some math and language arts resources.

Take advantage of what these websites have to offer.  I hope this series has made paper management FINALLY manageable.

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