Keeping Technology Organized

Now that you have all of this technology how can you keep it from taking over your room and your life? Let’s take a look at two common tech inspired clutter dilemmas.


More congested than a downtown freeway at rush hour, those tangled cords shoved behind your computer desk are a nightmare to keep straight. Besides the occasional tripping hazard, someone help us when we need to check connections and aren’t sure what goes where.

To organize what is going on back there label each cord.  Mark what kind it is  (printer, internet, etc.) and if necessary where it plugs in (if it isn’t already color coded). You can make labels out of file labels or piece of masking tape folded in half or bread bag ties.

IMG_0472         bread-clip-cord-labeler                    Bread Clip Cord Labels by Unplggd

Yes low-tech ways can still solve a high tech problem.

To keep from falling over the cords, once plugged in, bundle up what is left with a twist tie or a plastic zip tie.

Extra cords that aren’t being used should still be labeled as to what it is for. Then bundle it along with any parts for that same piece of equipment in a large sealable plastic bag.


Write on the front what it goes to (ex. desktop, T.V., smart phone).

In that same plastic bag also put any paperwork or program disc for that item.


One piece of data overload you are given a lot of these days are web links.  Digital information can become just as cluttered as paper. That is why you need a system for keeping it under control.

There are three ways to do it.

  • Bookmark the link at the top of your web browser.  Only do this with a few links that you truly use on daily or weekly basis.
  • Create a word document.Copy the link followed by a one-line summary of what’s on it. Describe it in a way that is useful to you!


  • Create a Pinterest account. Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board that saves your web links with a picture from that site. It also has a place to write a description about the link. Pinterest is great (and sometimes addictive) but not all great resources have a picture to link to Pinterest so have a word document as a backup.


How you categorize the information is up to you.  If you can’t think of any simply start with each content area.  The key will be to check your links once a year to make sure they are still relevant.

Even with the constant changes technology brings, you CAN stay organized and on top of it all.

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