Crazy Cool Cake to Make—Class Party or Summer Fun This Treat Will Get It Done!

Looking for something original to end the school year and kick off summer?  Then you have to make a Ho Ho Cake. Easy to create and guaranteed to wow folks every time. IMG_1177 No, this is not a Christmas themed treat.  I’ve been told the name comes from the original Hostess brand product, Ho Hos, which Hostess describes on their website as, “creme-filled, chocolate-rolled cakes”.  These yummy creatures cover the outside of this ice-cream filled cake and provide the visual impact that draws oooohs and awawaws from onlookers. This recipe is forgiving and doesn’t have to be followed exactly to be successful.  Read on to see how you can make one of your very own. Supplies

  • 2-3 boxes of rolled creme-filled snack cakes depending on the size of your bowl.(You can buy the Hostess version called Ho Hos or Little Debbie makes a similar product called Swiss Rolls.)
  • Approximately one or two gallons of vanilla ice-cream depending on the size of your bowl.  (Really you could use any flavor.)

IMG_1106   IMG_1094

  • A large bowl and spoon
  • Plastic wrap

IMG_1215     IMG_1214

  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Platter or flat surface to invert/serve cake on

IMG_1213      IMG_1097

 Directions Take out the ice cream to begin softening. IMG_1094

Cover the entire inside of the bowl with plastic wrap. Make it long enough to drape over the sides of the bowl.  When you are done you will bring up the extra plastic wrap to cover the bottom of the finished product.

IMG_1100   IMG_1103

Unwarp and then cut each of the snack cakes. It is ok if the chocolate coating peels off. I usually get four pieces out of a cake but it doesn’t have to be exact. IMG_1108   IMG_1109

Place them first on the bottom of the bowl.


Make sure the cream side is always facing down especially with an end piece.  This will be important so you get the right look on the finished product. Keep going in a circle until you have made a base at the bottom of the bowl.

IMG_1118  IMG_1119

Now you can keep going around the outside of your base, one circular layer at a time, building up the sides. Keep doing this until you have reached the top of the bowl or you run out of cake pieces.

IMG_1121    IMG_1122

Then scoop the ice-cream into the center of the cake. IMG_1127      IMG_1129

Slightly smooth the top so it is even with the last layer of cake. Again this doesn’t have to be perfect.


Bring the overhanging plastic wrap over the cake to cover it up. Place in your freezer 4-6 hours or overnight until the ice-cream is firm. IMG_1132

When you are ready to serve peel back the top plastic wrap.


Place the serving dish on the bottom of the bowl and flip the two items over at the same time so the cake will end up inverted on the platter.

IMG_1135 IMG_1139IMG_1140

Peel off the plastic wrap and let audiences be wowed.


This Ho Ho Cake is sure to get a happy reaction every time.

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