Bulletin Board Blowout—Part Two

Every school year there is some new project we tackle. This year it was our library. In the previous posting I showed how our library wall was redesigned for the new school year.


Last time we showed you how the flowers were created. This posting will talk about how the butterflies and sun were made.


Flying Away

A very magical display came from an international posting on Pinterest.


They made it look like the butterflies were floating out of the book.  I knew I just had to try this and downloaded the master for the butterflies. Then I bought scrapbook paper in every color of the rainbow and cut it to fit in my printer. You could do this with construction paper but the designs in scrapbook paper give it more texture.


After printing the butterflies onto the paper I cut them out in pairs.


The smaller one is meant to be stacked on top of the larger one.  To hold them in place I used a product called Zots.


You can get this at any craft or scrapbook store.  You could use glue but Zots have a very strong adhesive and won’t leak through the paper.


This did take some time to do so it makes for a nice project while watching TV.


Each butterfly was then sorted out by colors and put into plastic baggies.


This made it easy for transporting, storing, and sorting when I got to class to assemble.

The cutouts were stapled onto the bulletin board in an arching formation. The smaller butterfly wings were folded up just a little to give it a 3-D effect.


Sunshine Day

The corner felt a bit empty so I decided to make a sun.  Having discovered tissue paper flowers last year I turned one into this final product.

I took an orange and yellow piece of tissue paper.


I cut the yellow tissue paper about a half an inch on each side so just a hint of orange would show when done.


Stacking the yellow on top of the orange paper I accordion folded the two.  It was important that the yellow was on top so it would remain the main color.


Then I separated the two pieces, folded them up and cut triangular tips on each end of each piece.Then I stacked the yellow back on top of the orange and refolded them.

IMG_1312 IMG_1314

The middle was cinched together with a piece of ribbon.  Then I put glue on the top layer of paper and brought it around so it adhered to the other side (this opens up into a fan shape as you do it).  Repeat with the other side. The final product was attached to the wall with adhesive dots.


Last year my students had the largest amount of growth and highest reading scores of any class I have ever had.  I’m not saying it was the bulleting board but… who knows what this year will inspire!!


By The Uncluttered Teacher

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