Mailbox Mayhem

Does it seem like your school mailbox grows papers faster then the grass grows weeds? Do you empty it in the morning only to have it jammed up again by lunch.? Here are some easy tips to streamline your staff mailbox.


A trashcan is your best friend. Colorful catalogues should be tossed before they entice you to turn a page. Advertising, workshops you aren’t interested in, and programs you know you can’t take your class to should be dumped.

Be aware of giveaways.  Many people use the staff room as a place to “pass on” what they no longer need. Don’t be tempted to pick up a few items on your way out the door.  Remember if they are giving it away you have to question how valuable it really is.



Can it be “Done in One”?  Anything that can be done in a minute or so like signing a form do immediately.


Streamline what is left. (The following tips were developed by a CTA [California Teachers Association] staff member. I am excited to share them with you.) Try to handle paper only once. When that is not possible, each time you touch a piece of paper, move it one step closer to completion. Also, be realistic about the amount of information you can read and absorb. Finally, ask yourself, “Do I really need it?”

Try out these suggestions so that the only thing left to be frightening will be the costumes on Halloween instead of your mailbox.

By The Uncluttered Teacher


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If you would like more organizing tips check out our book The Uncluttered Teacher.


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