How Black Friday Can Get You and Your Classroom Ready For The Holidays

While racing around in the dark to find the best deals on Black Friday, use this time to simplify your seasonal To Do List. With some strategic shopping you can make the season brighter for yourself and your classroom.


The trick to staying ahead of holiday mayhem is to pick items that can be reused for each year-end celebration.  Start by sticking with gold as a base color.  For Christmas accent the gold with red and green, for Hanukkah accent with blue and for New Year’s accent with black or sliver. Grab Thanksgiving clearance items like paper goods or décor in this color or stock up on supplies during Black Friday sales.

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Any food items like nuts, dried fruit, and candy can be bought the day after a holiday and served for the next event. When all of those Christmas themed packages of cashews or mints go on sale serve them on platter at New Year’s.


Look for storage containers for your classroom but think beyond the office supply stores. I found this discounted desk organizer at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.


On Black Friday they have coupons where you can get 20% off your entire purchase.  Places like TJ Maxx always have unique containers and a clearance section with fabulous finds.




Wanting to make treat bags for your students? You can’t beat the deals at your nearest Dollar Store.  Packages of 12 holiday pencils or 18 boxes of stickers can all be found for that magical price of a dollar each.


But other places can do even better.  Michaels sells packages of 25 decorative gift bags. After using your 40% off coupon you only pay $1.28 out the door (taxes included). Fill the bags with some candy. Non-chocolate is usually cheaper and I am finding more kids prefer it and rest don’t care as long as it’s a sweet treat.


Tie it up with a couple colors of curling ribbon and they look like you spent more than you did.


Tags with clever sayings are cute but students, especially the younger ones don’t even notice it and if they do it is for a few seconds. Save the time and paper and skip the tags.

Use these tips to make your personal and school holiday projects stress-free.

By The Uncluttered Teacher


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