See How Getting Organized Got This Teacher (And Can Get YOU) On Track for 2015

A fellow teacher had been struggling with clutter for many years and she made a promise to herself that this year she would take back her room. She started off with high hopes and good intentions and even cleared out the game shelves.


But as every teacher knows the school year clicked into full gear and life sped up to a frantic pace. Still, she knew those closets lurked in the corner, intimidating her with what clutter was crammed behind those doors.

IMG_1619   IMG_1615

I would see her in the hall and she would talk often about it. When she needed something out of storage she would barely crack open the door, standing in front of it so no one would see the chaos inside.

Fortunately, the holiday season refreshed her spirits and she dived in to take down the last of the clutter piling up in her classroom. Filling five garbage bags of stuff from those closets, she whittled down her collection to what was most valuable.


Not to mention emptying an entire file cabinet.




IMG_1868_2  IMG_1869

Leftover File Folders


The more she did the process the more she realized she could let things go. It got easier and easier as she went along.

One night she went home and realized she was still holding on to a game she hadn’t used in over 12 years. The next day it was gone. She recognized that the game was too difficult for her students and if she ever did need something at a higher level, she would get something else. Something clicked and she knew she had turned a page.

IMG_1849_2  IMG_1848_2

Beaming with pride at what she had accomplished, she shared how free she now feels. It gave her tremendous confidence. She no longer had that pile of unknown stuff always staring as her as she walked by. And the fear of feeling like she was going to miss out on something floated way.

Lessons For Us All To Learn:

  1. Don’t give up.
  2. Break it into small chunks.
  3. It can be done.
  4. It is worth the effort.

Do something for yourself this break. Devote time to finally conquering that clutter. It will propel you in the right direction and help you discover all the amazing things waiting for you in 2015.

Happy New Year everyone!!

The Uncluttered Teacher

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