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Resolutions are what many of us make this time of year.

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The problem is they tend to feel like a TO DO LIST; a nagging, must get done that if we don’t (and often we won’t) we feel like we failed.


Instead, I see the beginning of the new year, like I do the beginning of each school year, as a chance for a fresh start. A fresh start, is light, energizing, invigorating; like opening doors to a day full of sunshine.


So don’t make a resolution about getting organized or becoming the conqueror of clutter. Instead, use this time of year as a opportunity to take on a new perspective that inspires you to want to keep only things that make your life better, classroom run smoother, your space a bit roomer.

Success will be determined not by now much you can check off on a list but by how much you are willing to try something new.



The Uncluttered Teacher

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If you would like more organizing tips check out our book The Uncluttered Teacher.


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