5 Quick Time Saving Tips

A teacher’s day could always use a few extra hours to fit in everything that needs to be done. Since we can’t have a 27-hour day use these tips to maximize the time you do have.


A ringing phone doesn’t always have to be answered. That’s why voice mail was created.


Limit the number of times you check your emails. Twice a day is usually enough. Check it before your day begins to see if there are last minute changes or tasks that need immediate attention. Check at the end of the day to stay on top of them and to plan ahead.


If necessary, go into “lock-down” mode. On those days when you have to be focused and you just don’t have time to visit, lock your door.

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Does every paper really need to be graded? Some assignments are used to practice a skill. Limit grading to assignments that are assessments or used as a check-in to see how students are progressing. Homework!! Although we want to give credit for homework completed, ask if every paper really needs a recorded score.

Have a “To-Go” tray. Keep a tray near you desk that you put anything that needs to leave the room. A book to be returned, a signed form to the office, worksheets to be copied. Have one place to put anything that needs to be brought somewhere else and always check it before exiting the room.


Use these simple tips to get the most out of your busy day.

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