Filling Up The Final Days of The School Year

The funny thing about the end of the school year is you have a sense of satisfaction for all your students have accomplished and all of the work you have put into teaching them yet, it can be a struggle to keep everyone engaged.

Often your routines are disrupted with special events and the winding down of programs. Having fun and meaningful things to fill your last few days become lifelines.  Check out these ideas and activities to for keeping students active until the very last day.

Summer Bookmarks

I love these!! They are a great way to entice students to keep reading over the summer. It even includes a free printable.The details can be found on the blog by Lisa Storms.


Fabalous Flip Bookbook

I can’t get enough of the amazing flip books by Simply Skilled in Second Grade.


Try out this one for the end of the year and with the the other book in the packet you’ll be ready for the beginning of the school year.

Hold a class auction

It will teach students to think about how they spend their money and give you a reason to finally clean out your closet. Pull out everything that is outdated, unneeded, or has seen better days.Give each student 10-20 cubes, tiles, or counters to use as their “money”.


Prior to starting, explain how an auction works.  Hold up an item and say, “Who would like to bid on our class-made book on whales?” “Do I have 2 tiles? How about 3?” “Three tiles going, once, twice, sold to the student in the blue shirt.”  Talk like a real auctioneer would. The kids love it.

And The List Goes On

When you run out of ideas, Sandra Wideman has list to get you through the very end.


Enjoy the last days of the school year and may you enjoy a well earned and relaxing summer break.

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