Establishing Routines: The Night Before

Mornings are a crazy time. Parents are trying to do so many things at once and the stress and chaos can be frustrating and overwhelming. The key is to get as much as possible prepared the night before. Spending just a few minutes at night will help things run smoothly the next day. Here are some ways you can bring calm to your morning routine.

Get lunch ready the night before

  • Make the next day’s lunch while you are cleaning up from dinner.
  • You’re already in the kitchen and already have things out to prep food.
  • Useable leftovers are already out.

Layout clothes for the next day.

IMG_3533  IMG_3534

  • Have them help or do this themselves.
  • This gets buy in from them and hopefully less arguing about getting dressed the next day.

Make sure their homework is in their backpack and the backpack is by the door or a previously designated spot so it’s not forgotten.


  • Forgetting homework is one of the most frustrating situations for both the child and the teacher.

Have a reasonable bedtime and stick to it every night!!

  • You are the parent and it is your job to make sure your child is ready to do their best every day in school.
  • Yes, special occasions come up and a child may go to bed late.
  • Keep those to a very rare occurrence. Limit to family emergencies not over planned schedules.
  • Make sure the next night they are right back into their routine

Having a plan will make life easier for everyone.

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