Halloween Hits

Who doesn’t love food!! Halloween being around the corner signals the beginning of the feasting season.  Here are some fun and easy..and some are even healthy…treats for folks to enjoy. (Plus one amazing art project I just had to throw in!)


Monster donuts from Thrifty Fun

I am so doing this for my class!!  Super easy and perfect for the halloween gathering.  Get a pair of plastic vampire teeth. insert in the middle of the donut. Push in two upside-down chocolate chips for eyes and you are good to go.


Try these easy Graveyard Pudding Cups by Party Pinching.  Just put Peeps ghosts and a candy pumpkin into your pudding cup and you look like you spent hours making it.


It’s Always Autum shows you how to make these easy donut spiders. A few ingredients and a few minutes latter a cute party treat.

Chocolate Chip Cookies more your style? Turn your next batch into a spider hangout.


Moms & Munchkins takes a little bit of chocolate frosting in a tube to add legs to your “spider” chocolate chips.

Need something a tad healthier? See how a black marker can turn nutritious food into seasonal treats

.750ca506e38629dfab85b4e8b92472ab  img_1074

pumpkin tangerines                 string cheese ghosts

I have found my new favorite Halloween project.  It was easy to do, it allowed my students to use something other than crayons to draw, and had an amazing visual impact. The original project came from Pink and Green MamaIMG_4411   Here are some samples of what my students created.

IMG_3607IMG_3607 IMG_3608

I used regular colored chalk. I also learned the the hard way to spray it afterward so the chalk doesn’t smear and to NOT have them put it in their backpacks!  A few students now have “colorful” backpack interiors.

Have fun making these projects and have a very happy Halloween.

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