The Do’s and Don’ts of Desktop Management

Does looking at your desk make you cringe from all the clutter? Do you sit at your desk or are you working at a student’s because yours has become a storage unit? Do you even know where your desk is or is it buried among papers and books?

January 9th is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. Here is a quick guide for conquering that challenge. Remember don’t expect to have it look like a design magazine cover on your first attempt. Begin with these simple first steps and check back next week to learn specifics on how to do more with each suggestion.

deskbeforeimg_3307 desk back before

Don’t clear your desk by swiping the piles of papers into a trashcan.

Do take the piles and everything else off so you can see once again what your desk looks like and begin fresh.


Don’t collect or store student work on your desk.

Do have a separate area for housing student work.


Don’t keep every paper that is given to you.

Do keep essential papers. Check back to learn how to create a two-tray system.


Don’t treat your desktop (or drawers) as a Costco warehouse.


Do keep one of each essential supply.


Don’t make your desk look like your living room.

Do keep 1-2 personal items on display.


Pick one of these suggestions and start there. Before you know it you will have created a professional looking and efficiently operating desktop to begin your year.

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