Desktop Decluttering

Your desk is where you will spend a great deal of time planning lessons and managing the flow of papers. The problem is this is where the universe collides and in some cases it can look like it.  Yes, it is the easiest place to dump stuff. But if it’s only storing belongings then you may want to rethink how you use it.

Minimal is More

People often feel they have to display everything they own on top of their desktop. Instead of having an open area to get their work done, they are continually reshuffling items or squeezing in-between stacks of paper. By keeping as few items as possible and only one of each item you will be able use the space as it is intended.


Suggested List

  • 1 small container to hold pens (make sure they work) and pencils (sharpened and with erasers)
  • 1 scissors or 1 ruler if you use them often, if not keep them in a desk drawer
  • 1 stapler and 1 tape dispenser, but again only if you use them often
  • 1 note pad/post it note pad
  • 1-2 personal items, only


Desktop Décor

Once you have done the work of organizing your desk splurge and buy some matching or coordinated desk accessories (trays, containers). There is a lot of expectation to have a magazine ready looking classroom, as if good teaching wasn’t enough. Don’t feel pressured to have things look that perfect or spend tons of funds on expensive desk sets found in teacher catalogs that go with a class theme.


Many discount stores like Target or Wal-Mart have beautiful items to hold your supplies. Even the dollar stores can have some colorful things. The key is matching or coordinated not expensive.

You can create an efficient and lovely looking work area with little effort. Enjoy putting your desktop back to work for you.

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