See how three teachers used The Uncluttered Teacher and  advice from Tammy to finally get organized.

Michele says: This was simply amazing!… I now have three simple files that help streamline, organize and keep track of the materials for my two different classes. I go through mail right away every day and don’t let it pile up anywhere. And I loved Tammy’s reassurance that “being organized does not mean being perfect.” That’s a big relief! It’s all an ongoing process. Having a better organized desk is a huge help in getting work done and feeling less overwhelmed!

Mercedes says: First, thank you for the opportunity to meet Tammy Duggan. … It makes me smile because I know where my materials are for all my projects, and they are easy to find. I learned that once everything has its place, it’s easy to keep the clutter away. I may have a to-do pile, but I don’t have to think about it right now because it’s where it’s supposed to be — on my clutter-free desk in the to-do tray. Tidying up my desk takes less than five minutes once or twice a week.

Rosser says: I learned to let go of unnecessary stuff that will add to the clutter and eat up functional space in my home office area. I now have a special container where I easily toss stuff that doesn’t belong to the office space for reorganization at a later time, and I have a regular time once a week, if not every day, to keep my office area clean and organized. …My family and I would like to say “Thank you very much” (“Maraming salamat” in Filipino) for this opportunity, for the time and the support. Your help did not stop here in my home office space. Your help extended to our whole house and to our home.

Excerpts are taken from the September 2014 California Educator 

What do others say about The Uncluttered Teacher?

“Tammy shared this book with me one afternoon. I did the usual “fanning of pages” to see if anything jumped out at me. And then I read the first paragraph and was hooked. Better than that, I read the second sentence and laughed! I found myself not wanting to put the book down. Her humorous and personal style of writing make this a new and veteran teacher’s “must read”. More importantly, it provides practical, sensible advice we can all use! Educators are fortunate to have one of our own contribute to our sanity by helping us to learn how to “clear our mind and our desk”.

–Nikol B.

Butte County BTSA Director


“My home filing system is revamped and lightened by 50%.  My paper goods and cards are reorganized and cleared out.  I spent 6 hours in my classroom last week cleaning two shelves and two drawers in one of my filing cabinets.  I am leaving by 4:00 every day this week.  My desk is clean. I feel better already! Your book rocks.”

–Marycarol D

Second Grade Teacher


“I can use my desk again!”

–Sarah D.

First Grade Teacher

deskbeforedesk after  BeforeAfter

“I applied the techniques in the book to the clutter in my home. I took a closet full of papers and condensed it down to four shoe boxes. I see the bed again in my guest room. I felt a weight lifted off my mind as I was finally able to let go of things that did not improve the quality of my life.”

–Carol F.

Special Education Teacher


“Finally a self-help book that I could put to use and that helped me make lasting changes.”

Cristen M.

Early Childhood Educator



–Jeanette A.

Second Grade Teacher