About Us

The Uncluttered Teacher is about helping educators find that balance between work and home. To help them reduce stress while maximizing where they put their energy. While there are many fabulous resources to help one organize their room, The Uncluttered Teacher focuses on the teacher first and then the classroom. It strives to give you ideas that help you reflect on the way you use your time and space and ideally not feel wiped out by the end of the week.

Some topics will be about the space in your classroom, how to streamline your day, or universal organizing tips that make life in general easier.

Educators work so hard at giving the very best to their students and are often the ones who work just as hard giving the very best to everyone else.  This website is designed to give something back to all of you who give so much to others.

I always like to remind educators that it’s not how cleared out or piled up your classroom is that makes learning magical.  You are the magic. You always have been and always will be.


Tammy Duggan is a veteran elementary school teacher with over twenty years of experience. Having always been an organizer, she has applied those skills to making her classroom and school a better place. Whether designing a parent education program, customizing lessons to meet the varying needs of her students, or serving on district committees, Tammy understands how crazy one’s teaching day can get.

Tammy has also been the owner of All In One Organizing, a personal organizing business. Her goal is to help people regain perspective and control of their clutter.

She has been a featured speaker at the California Teachers Association speaking in front of crowds of over 800 people as well as having conducted workshops at the California Kindergarten Association’s PK1 Conference. Her work has been featured many times in such publications as, California Educator. Having written numerous articles on organizing for local publications and schools, Tammy’s focus is to show folks how they can be more efficient with managing belongings and schedules so they have more time to spend on what they truly enjoy.