The Book


This how-to book will help you stay organized, have more time, and less stress.

Elementary school teachers’ number one complaint is that they don’t have enough time to get everything done. They long for a balance between the demands of a ten-hour work day and the need to get their personal lives back.

This easy to read, how-to book, The Uncluttered Teacher, explains the decluttering, organizing, and time management techniques needed to efficiently run your classroom and, most importantly, regain control of your day.

The Uncluttered Teacher is a book focused on helping educators make lasting changes that go beyond having a tidy desk. The goal is to help people have less stress and more balance between work and the rest of their life.

How is this information different?

Most “organizing your classroom books” convince teachers things will run more smoothly if only they learn how to arrange their desks.  They give ideas about how to manage things instead of behaviors.  But items don’t cause the chaos—the way a person handles (or ignores) them does.

The Uncluttered Teacher shows teachers how to understand these behaviors and walks them through the process that professional organizers use. It helps educators understand the habits that may have led to the disorganization and lost of time first and then explains how to manage their situations.

Sample Topics

Making It Through the Day
Simplify: The Basics of Organizing Your Space and Time
What Happened?
Justifications and Reality Checks
De-cluttering Your Space: What is really important?
De-cluttering Your Time: What are your priorities?
Teacher Systems
Student Systems
Time Management Systems: How to Escape Before Dark
Organizing Pitfalls
Go Easy on Yourself

Plus over a dozen forms and resources for you to use!

What is an Uncluttered Teacher?

There is always something to prep, plan, sort, or attend as a teacher.  An “uncluttered teacher” will find the balance between managing the responsibilities of the job and going home at a reasonable hour. They recognize what is essential to get the job done and let go of the rest. It does not mean that you will never again have piles on your desk, unanswered emails, or messy closets. It does mean that you can find the time to reorganize and get things back under control. It means you are more informed on how to make choices that stop or at least slow down the chaos from taking over your day. It means instead of objects and obligations dictating what happens, you decide how to spend your time.

What people are saying about The Uncluttered Teacher

“Quick, easy- to-follow steps for both the beginning teacher or one who has been in the trenches for years; pointers that enable you to make the most efficient use of your time and leave the classroom at a reasonable hour instead of staying until after dark. A must read for all.”

–Linda C.

Supervisor for Beginning Teachers, California State University, Chico